Connecting People With Similar Interests

Have you ever wondered while doing an activity or thinking about something that how many other people are doing the exact same thing at the same time? Have you ever felt that your interests and hobbies do not always match with the people in your social circle? Are you interested in finding out and getting involved in the activities happening around you?

If the answer to any of the questions is YES, ActiiTalk is the app for you!!!

actiitalk actiitalk

Find like-minded people and make new friends

ActiiTalk is an instant messaging social media app designed for meaningful connections with people to explore shared interests and passions.

  • Select your interests and create a profile
  • See posts related to your interests from other people on your timeline
  • Search for any kind of activities that you are interested in
  • Have one to one private conversations with like-minded people

Find your Match

Yes! Find your match on the basis of similar interests. ActiiTalk ensures that wherever you are or whatever you do; you can enjoy the company of other people who are just like you.

Search for nearby activities

Connect with people who share the same interest as you in your area. Perfect for those who want to engage in the activities and meet new like-minded people around them.

How ActiiTalk works

See how to connect with like-minded people!

Allow your passions and interests to run wild

Download now, and join the ActiiTalk family!

actiitalk actiitalk