A Letter from Fawad Hassan, ActiiTalk Founder

And the dream came true.

The dream of a social media app is to connect like-minded people engaged in similar activities and to create meaningful relationships amongst them based on common interests. The dream came true and Actiitalk is the product.

Being an insomniac and hence in my long pre-sleep hours, I wondered as to how many other people in the world would be thinking about the same thing? How many would like to talk about it to someone with similar interests and ideas?

In the day, watching a show, reading a book, travelling to a new place, etc, I wondered how many other people would be watching the same show, reading the same book or thinking about travelling to the same place? What is their thought process while doing that activity? Do they like to talk about it with someone who is doing the same thing? How can these people find each other? How can they have a proper conversation about the things they like, the things they are doing?

That's when I thought of connecting with like-minded people. My research ratified the validity of this idea and led to the birth of Actiitalk.

Actiitalk is a new world where people with similar likings, pursuits, ideas, etc are found, and connected across the globe or even just around the corner!

ActiiTalk is the solution to boring conversations, uninteresting meetups, and dissimilar interests. There are a lot of social media apps out there to chat, date, and make friends, but none of the apps connects people who have similar interests. ActiiTalk allows you to talk out your heart’s desire with people concerning your favourite show, food, hobby or anything else. The possibilities are endless.

You will be able to make new friendships or even more with this app that keeps your likes and preferences in mind!

Entering into this new world is very easy and free. You just have to:

  • Select your interests and create an account. You can now see the posts on your timeline from people around the globe related to your interests.
  • You can have a one-to-one conversation with the people you like, make new friends and relationships, both personal and professional.
  • Use our Match feature to see your matches based on common interests.
  • Use the Search option to find people who are doing the same activities as you are.
  • Use the Nearby option to find and get involved in the activities around you locally.

ActiiTalk values your privacy. Your one-to-one conversations remain safe and secure between the two of you. We also provide you with the opportunity to communicate with like-minded individuals by hiding your personal information and pictures.

At Actiitalk, we don’t permit hate speech or bad behaviour of any sort. ActiiTalk is a platform rooted in understanding and respect.

We want you to have fun and make new connections!

Experience a world of like-minded people who enjoy what you enjoy and love what you love!

Get Actiitalking, and thanks for reading,